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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a technician knows what he is doing, prior to hiring them?

If a technician fully understands the problem and the solution, he should be able to explain it in a way that you can understand, no matter how little you know about the plumbing business.

Other companies give me a price over the phone, why can’t you?

No two plumbing problems are exactly the same. We like our customers to know exactly what the cost of repairs will be and the options they have in solving the problem. The only way we can give you an accurate estimate is to see the problem. That is why, in all cases, we send you a qualified technician, at no cost, to evaluate your situation and give you an accurate estimate. That way there is never billing surprises.

But I already know what the problem is; can’t I just get a ballpark estimate over the phone?

Although you may know what you want done, there are often different ways to approach the problem that can only be determined once we see the job. That allows us the opportunity to discuss your options with you so that you can make an informed decision about exactly what you would like us to do for you. This can only be done once we have seen the problem.

Is the estimate free?

Yes. Once you make an appointment we will dispatch a technician to your home or business to evaluate the situation and give you a free estimate. The only time that there is a charge for an estimate is if the technician has to crawl under the house our use any tools to diagnose the problem. Even if the technician does charge a diagnostic fee it will be refunded to you if you have us do the work that needs to be done.

Does your company accept credit cards?

Yes we do. Gogo Rooter will accept checks, American Express, Visa, Master Charge, and Discovery. We also accept personal checks.

Do you offer warranties for your work?

Absolutely! We offer some of the best warranties in the industry. Your personal plumber will be happy to discuss with you the exact warranty for the work he will be doing. You can feel confident that we take great pride in our work and stand behind everything we do.

Are you licensed?

Yes we are licensed by The Contractors State Licensing Board. We are also insured by PL & PD. Gogo Rooter carries current worker compensation insurance. You are protected and dealing with a legitimate company.

What is a PMA ?

A PMA is a Preventative Maintenance Agreement. We offer a Silver, Gold, and Platinum agreement. When you sign up for one of the PMA’s you will receive hundreds of dollars in values. You will receive free inspections, extended water heater warranties, and our value rate, which gives you an average of 20% off on all of your plumbing needs throughout the year!

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