Best Seat in the House – The Bidet

Bidet Installation in San Jose bathroom remodel

Unlike the Europeans and the Japanese, Americans have yet to embrace the joy and fresh feeling of the bidet. Why the taboo surrounding this toilet with a water spray?

Don’t Knock It Until You Try It

Historically, bidets were found to be immoral, decadent and “too French.” Many Americans who encounter them on trips abroad ignore them completely. However, the knee-jerk rejection of this plumbing feature may be a big mistake! There are many reasons to embrace the bidet:

  • Improved Hygiene. Studies (and anecdotal data) suggest that both men and women who use bidets report feeling cleaner and fresher than they do after using a standard toilet followed by toilet paper. You can think of it as a “shower for your bottom.”
  • Environmentally Sound. Each American uses approximately 50 pounds of toilet paper per year – that translates to 2.8 miles ! Additionally, the process to make toilet paper destroys trees and takes a lot of energy. If you switch to a bidet, your toilet paper usage drops to a few squares for a “pat dry” which helps save the planet.
  • Great for People with Limited Mobility. As we age, some of us can no longer handle certain toileting functions as well as we used to manage. A bidet can thus improve independence and self-confidence by enabling proper hygiene without much exertion.
  • Personal Luxury. Several bidets come with fancy features, such as seat warmers; remote controls to direct water flow, temperature and intensity; and puffs of air to assist in the drying process.

Some people choose to replace their toilets with bidets, and others add bidets to their existing plumbing. Either way, the difference in cleanliness between the bidet and a standard toilet is striking!

We Can Serve Your Plumbing Needs

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