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Discount 10% for San Jose Plumber

Mention our on-line special and Gogo Rooter will give you a 10% discount off any of plumbing services (first-time customers only).  By advertising on-line through our web site and gaining business through word of mouth, we save thousands of dollars each year.  We pass those savings directly on to our customers. Simply call and tell us that you found Gogo Rooter through an online search for “Plumber San Jose”, “Plumbers San Jose” or “Plumbing San Jose” and you’ll SAVE 10% on any work preformed by our plumbers.  You can also choose from a variety of other savings available to first-time, on-line customers only.

More Plumbing Coupons for San Jose Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance

In addition to offering 10% off for first time customers we also offer other specials and coupons for plumbing work in San Jose. Visit our Specials Page to find out more and call us at 408-282-7026 when you are ready for us to help.

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