High Water Pressure Detection & Repair


Much like most things in life, water pressure needs to find a steady balance to serve its purpose. If it’s too low, you won’t even be able to take a shower. On the other hand, if it’s too high, you’ll spend more in water bills – and your pipes will end up paying a much higher price. That’s because most residential plumbing systems are not meant to handle pressures above 80 psi (5.5bar).

High Water Pressure in Your San Jose Home

When the water flow is constantly high in pressure, it stresses the pipes, faucets, and home appliances, reducing their desired lifespan. What’s even worse, it causes pipe leaks throughout your entire plumbing system. Deceptively dangerous, leaks cause damage over time, and even the smallest ones can compromise the integrity of your structure.

From a hydrodynamics point of view, pressure equals force divided by area – simply put, high-pressure water is a result of either a rapid water supply or narrower-than-average pipes. Your local water company might regulate the pressure to meet the specific needs of your neighborhood. If you live in an area with several tall buildings or fire hydrants, it’s quite likely they will raise the pressure to values higher than 80 psi.

Or, if you live at the bottom of a hill, gravity will make the water run much faster than it would if you were on the top floor of a building. If for some fortuitous reason, your plumbing system has pipes narrower than recommended, the pressure is going to be higher-than-average – a more serious problem requiring immediate attention.

Fortunately, high water pressure is easy to identify. You can begin with a simple inspection of your water outlets – showers, faucets, etc. Sometimes, the pressure creates a banging sound from within the pipes, commonly known as water hammer. But to be sure, you can buy a pressure gauge for a more accurate reading. It’s easy to install: just screw it onto any water outlet near the main water meter. Take the measurement at different times throughout the day in order to gain an average reading. Remember that values above 80 psi are a potential risk to your plumbing systems.

San Jose Plumbing Installation & Repair at Your Service

In any case, the best way to solve this issue is to go for pressure reducing valves installation. These valves regulate the flow of incoming water to keep the pressure even at all times. No more excessive water bills, annoying banging noises, and hidden leaks. If you suspect you have a high water pressure problem, call your reliable San Jose plumber today at (408) 282-7026 for a free estimate. Be the ant, not the grasshopper, with a high water pressure issue – even in the dead of night.

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