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When you have clogged sewer lines and pipes that need a problem-solving rooter, San Jose has the best team in the business at your service. A clogged pipe can be more than just a slow-draining annoyance. Blockage can also cause water damage, pipe damage, or back-ups into your house. With a professional plumber and the help of a roto rooter, we can clear the pipe of tree roots and debris in no time, without needing to dig up your yard for access.

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Gogo Rooter makes it easy for San Jose to get clear, free-flowing drains once again. We offer many different plumbing services beyond the roto rooter, including small jobs like leaky pipes and fixture replacement. With sewer line video inspections, we can pinpoint the problem and find the best course of action. We won’t dig up your yard, charge you for everything we see, or leave you stranded. We offer flat-rate services, charging you only for the job to be done and not the time it takes. If it takes us five minutes or five hours, you’ll only be charged as you were quoted.

With the best rooter service in San Jose, Gogo Rooter continues to keep its customers happy, satisfied, and leak-free! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We are standing by at all hours of the day, ready to help you with your plumbing needs, even at night and weekends to make sure you’re covered when emergencies arise! Professional, affordable, quality plumbing is only a phone call away at Gogo Rooter!

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