Gas Line Installation & Repair – Plumbers Do That?

Gas Line Plumbing Installation

Most people call the plumber when the sink backs up or the water pressure fluctuates, but did you know that plumbers such as Gogo Rooter are also qualified to assess and address gas line needs?

All plumbers in California that perform work on a project valued at $500 or more must be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. A company’s C-36 license extends to its employees . Furthermore, they will have the skills and experience to perform gas line repairs and services in addition to the more familiar duties people think of, like working on plumbing fixtures and pipes.

A Non-exhaustive List of Plumber’s Skills

  • Installation of new gas lines for furnaces, water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, pool heaters and outdoor areas. These installations must meet specific building codes, so the job must be done right.
  • Gas appliance hook-ups for gas ranges and outdoor barbecue grills. Some homeowners attempt these projects themselves and end up paying more to fix the problems they create. Be safe and smart. Hire a plumber to do the job.
  • Gas leak detection. If you smell an odor that you believe indicates a gas leak, contact a qualified plumber such as Gogo Rooter immediately. Often, you will smell the gas in one room, but the leak is in another. Your plumber should be able to find the source and address the problem.
  • Gas line repair. Damage can result from appliance installation, general wear and tear, or even earthquakes. A skilled plumber can repair or replace the damaged gas lines.
  • Gas line maintenance and code compliance. This important service helps homeowners prepare for sale and ensures potential buyers that everything is in working order.

Gas Line Repairs & Leak Detection Available 24 Hours a Day

Gogo Rooter installs and repairs gas lines for our clients in San Jose and the surrounding cities. We have the skills and expertise to get the job done right and sizzling summer specials available for permanent gas grill hook-ups. Contact us today at (408) 282-7026 to learn more.

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