Plumbing Maintenance: Spring Cleaning

Toilet Bowl Spring Cleaning

San Jose Plumbing Repair Company Offers Its Tips

Water heaters and sump pumps rarely make “Spring Cleaning” to-do lists. However, checking these and related plumbing fixtures can prevent water damage and other disasters later. Your plumbing checklist should include:

The Sump Pump: If you have one, pour 3 to 4 buckets of water into your sump pump and watch. If it turns on quickly and pumps out all of the water, your work is done. If there is a delay in the pump turning on, or if the water drainage is sluggish, contact a plumber for a diagnostic appointment.

The Water Heater: Check the thermostat setting. It should be at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum energy efficiency. If your water heater unit is over 15 years old, consider replacing it with a new, more energy efficient model.

The Pipes: Check that water is free-flowing from all indoor and outdoor faucets. Inspect all pipes under sinks and in your basement or crawlspace for leaks.

The Toilet: Use food coloring to determine whether or not you have a leak. Flush the toilet and remove the tank lid. Add a few drops of blue food coloring and wait 20 to 30 minutes. If you find blue coloring in the toilet bowl water, you have a leak and you need a plumbing repair.

The Drains: Address all clogs now to keep the water draining well throughout the summer. Use strainers or other devices to keep them clog-free.

Well-maintained Plumbing Is Always in Season

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