Hot Water Recirculation Pumps: Common Problems

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When preparing to hand wash dishes or run bath water, have you ever turned on the hot water side of the faucet only to feel cold water come out? You may have had to keep the tap running until the water reached the temperature for the task. A hot water recirculation pump reduces this type of water waste by providing you with hot water on demand or in a short period of time. If your plumbing currently has this convenience, you’ll want to watch out for these common problems that will prevent your recirculation pump from performing at its best.

1. Excess noise.
If you notice noise coming from your recirculation pump, its bearings could be wearing out. In this case, the pump will need to be replaced before it fails completely.
2. Low flow rate.
Many recirculation pumps have small motors. In fact, some pumps may not be able to activate a tankless water heater. Make sure your pump is compatible with your water heater before you have it installed.
3. Corrosion.
Thinner areas of the pipe – such as elbows and bends – are more prone to deterioration. Additionally, erosion to your pipes not only affects the hot water flow – it leads to costly ruptures. If you suspect corrosion, contact a local plumbing company for assistance.
4. Wasted power.
A great option is to place the pump on a timer so that it doesn’t turn on in the middle of the night when no one is using water. Also, recirculation pumps can waste power if your return pipes are not properly insulated, thus allowing heat to escape. To remedy this problem, consider allowing a reputable plumbing company – such as Gogo Rooter – to insulate your pipes.

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