Water Filtration System

water filtration system

If you live in San Jose, or anywhere else in the South Bay, you may have, at one point or another, thought about water filtration for your home.  Let’s face it, the water in the Silicon Valley is not the tastiest in the world.  That may be why so many people buy bottled water.

If you have been thinking about getting some kind of filtration system for your home, we hope this article will help.  Let’s start by taking a look at some of the different kinds of filter systems, from a broad standpoint.

What Are Your Choices?

While there are hundreds of different set-ups that you can get, we will break it down into 4 categories.  You can then decide on the perfect filtering solution from there.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are the staple for home filter systems.  As water passes through the carbon, the carbon attracts contaminants that stay in the filter.  Do not confuse these with water softeners, as they do not attract the minerals that make water “hard”.  They are mostly for chemicals (such as chlorine), not minerals, but will make your water taste and smell much better.

Multi-stage Filters

These filters usually use carbon filters combined with other media to filter the water more thoroughly than is possible with a single stage carbon filter.  The result is that, since smaller contaminants are filtered out, the water is “cleaner”, and tastes and smells even better. Like carbon filters, you can use a whole-house system, or a smaller unit for just a kitchen sink.

Water Softeners

Where the two types of water filters above fail, is where the softeners pick up the slack.  Water attracts minerals that it carries with it all the way to your faucet, toilet, water heater, etc.  The most common are magnesium and the dreaded calcium.  While water softeners do a pretty good job of eliminating these minerals, it replaces them with salt or potassium.  This can have adverse effects in many areas.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Here we come across the granddaddy of filter systems.  A reverse osmosis system will not only remove all the contaminants that other filters do, but removed the minerals as well.  It also does it very well, and without the drawbacks that can come with a water softener.  If you are looking for the ultimate water filtration system, reverse osmosis is the ticket.  They can, however, be quite pricey.

Which Should You Get?

When deciding what you want for your home, you have a few options.  You are best served to look at your situation, what you want, and your budget.  Once you have that figured out, the rest is just researching brands and models.

For example, let’s say that your water is not too hard.  You want the water throughout your home to be filtered, but it doesn’t need to be “drinking water” quality, except in your kitchen.  How about a carbon, whole house filter, and a more robust system under your kitchen sink?

A step up from that might be a multi-stage system for the whole house, and then deciding if you even need a filter under the sink.

Do you have hard water, and are willing to brave a softener (and the associated down sides)?  You can still have a filter under your sink.  Just realize that the softener will not go to your kitchen sink.  Or if you are not willing to deal with a softener, you can get a reverse osmosis system, and not only get rid of the hard water, but you will have bottled water quality water throughout your home.

Just remember, once you decide which way to go, you should do two things:

1 – Research the best unit to fit your needs

2 – Have it installed by a profession

The second part is easy.  All you have to do is pick up your system (or have it delivered), and call Gogo Rooter Plumbing.  Our experts will have your water filter system set up in no time, and backed by our famous “4-Point Guarantee”!